Parodia proposes exclusive products elaborated by passionate artists.

All our art pieces are hand made and thus each one is unique from its dimensions, shape and colors.

We have had the chance to live for many years in far away countries, this enabled us discovering these exclusive objects, created in unique places. We import ourselves all our products and deliver them to you directly, this allows to ensure that these art pieces reach you undamaged, Nowadays, decoration objects are mass manufactured on robotic chains and distributed in huge quantities through giant distribution chains, such objects have no soul, little to tell about; all the contrary of Parodia exclusive ofering .

Mouth Blown Glasses

The art of Mouth Blown Glass dates as long as 2000 years ago, it requires from the artist  high rigor, enormous skills and unique know how. This technique insures an optimal quality of the blown glass and allows much freedom and creativity in shape and colors used. Thus,  every piece is unique by its dimensions, shape and  color mix.

Mouth Blown Vases


Terracotta is one of the most ancient artificial material, it has been used to create art objects since the dawn of time. The terracotta sculptures are entirely modeled by hand  out of clay, then heated during long hours in a wood oven, painted with natural pigments and heated again so as to vitrify the paint layer, giving this incomparable shiny aspect . 


Parodia plant is part of a Cactus family from south America, it is composed by more than 50 different species, with a large variety of shapes, sizes, flowers type and colors, making each plant quite unique .

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